I had the logo created for me, years ago in India.  I’ve somehow always known I’d find this place.  I didn’t know it would be land and that it would feel so right … it does.

When Susan (my mom) first saw the property, upon leaving she said ” I can see the OM-Alley sign here”.  I was astonished, but marked that moment because the place needs a lot of work and she was able to see through it.  Neither of us made the connection of shapes.  I brought the logo up here from SF a few weeks ago, (hard to believe it’s only been a few weeks), and had an epiphany, evident from the photos.  The original gate design and the awesome garden pergola nearly match the OM-Alley logo.  It feels meant to be.  I’ve learned a lot about the folks who moved into this house and so skillfully and lovingly added to the evolution. 
One, was a carpenter/builder/painter and the other, a yoga teacher/counselor.  I’m currently reveling in the thrall of the connection I feel to the universe.  I saw what is possible and my belief is buoyed by such “coincidences”!

So what are we doing here on the Mendocino Coast? My mother bought this property to create a place in which we both can thrive and support this stage of her life.  Right now, my role is to organize the remodel.  I’ve met and contracted with an architect and am beginning the search for a contractor.  This blog is the record of those changes.